Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Jump Higher to Dunk on Anyone, No Matter How Tall They Are Or How Short You Are

Pretty much every player wants to know how to jump higher to dunk. Actually, pretty much everyone who has ever watched a game of basketball has wanted to be able to dunk the basketball. Frankly, it's just cool.

Most of us don't give our jumping ability a whole lot of thought, beyond wishing that you could jump higher. But pretty much everyone can jump higher than they do right now. Virtually no one is at their genetic limit for their vertical leap. In fact, most people can add a foot or more.

Which is what you need to dunk. You don't need to be tall, although it sure does help. You don't even need to be especially ripped, as your average weightlifter can do it, although being lighter helps. What you need is to know how to jump higher to dunk.

What this basically means is that you need a training program that focuses on maximizing your vertical leap. With my athletes, I basically work on three areas: strength, quickness and nutrition. Yes, nutrition is factor in
how high you can jump.

If you want to improve your jump, you need to work on strengthen the powerhouse muscles of the body: the legs and back. Most of the thrust for a jump comes from your butt and lower back, so you need to emphasize exercises that focus on that.

You also need to make sure that you're training for quickness. If you can't explode fast enough, no amount of strength is going to have you dunking on people. So plyos and sprint training are key.

Nutrition is the final peg in the how to jump higher to dunk equation. You need to get in sufficient calories to have maximum energy and build muscle, but you also need to try and keep your body fat as low as possible.

Click here to watch videos on how to jump higher to dunk and see how to put it all together. The program I talk about there is the same program I use with my athletes and I don't have single player who can't dunk.

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